Saturday, September 16, 2006

Islamic world in uproar (yawn...)

The Vatican today admitted that it had cynically and irresponsibly courted controversy when the Pope quoted from an obscure Byzantine emperor who had criticised Islam hundreds of years ago. In a shameless attempt to appear sane and rational, Pope Benefit (the cleric formerly known as Ratzarse), had quoted from the Byzantine emperor knowing full well that the Islamic world would fit in a few more protests in it's busy schedule.

A leading Imam, Mustafa D'Ump, of the College of Islamic Studies in Cheltenham, was quoted as saying 'The characterisation of Islam as backward and vicious is entirely incorrect. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. How many of you buggers do we have to behead before you understand that?'

Some have noted that the Pope's speech failed to mention witch-burning, the Inquistion, kiddie-fiddling and other Christian activities. Islamists have hit back by saying Christianity has lost it's way and should return to these practices if it really wants to be taken seriously.

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