Friday, September 28, 2007

The NOzone Layer

In the same way that I used to believe that the science of man-made global warming was settled, I've always believed that the science of ozone depletion in the atmosphere was also done and dusted. Not only that, I believed that only a fanatic would dispute it.

That was then. Now I no longer accept that there's a consensus on climate change science. More than that I now believe that the science of CO2-induced warming is deeply flawed and that there are other climate forcings that are much more important (particularly solar factors, including the magnetosphere and the relationship to cosmic rays). However, there now looks like there's evidence that the ozone hole science might be flawed.

Why is this important? Because the science of climate change is more complex than ozone depletion. In both cases models were used extensively even though the underlying theories were not fully developed. If the flaws in ozone depletion are further verified then it ought to cause more people to doubt the CO2 theories on climate change.

And, as an end-note, it's worth mentioning that Pat Michaels, recently moved out of his role as State Climatologist of Virginia because of his climate-change skepticism, was also an ozone depletion skeptic...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Science By Consensus

There's a predictable sense of glee from Warmists everywhere with the results of an opinion poll that shows large parts of the population across the world believe that human activity is responsible for global warming. What does this show us?

Firstly that the propaganda machine, of which the BBC (who carried out the poll) is a large part, has managed to persuade lots of people that we're responsible for global warming despite the lack of evidence or even a viable theory. The constant diet of alarmist stories, repeated ad nauseam, has an effect. And of course the Warmist mantra that there is consensus and that the science is done and dusted is hugely convincing to large parts of the population, most of whom who lack scientific knowledge or the time and energy required to understand the details.

Secondly, it also betrays a lack of understanding about the way the world works. Sorry, but the Universe does not run according to democratic principles. No matter what we believe, the climate pays no attention to our beliefs. Just because there's a big majority agreeing that CO2 causes global warming, that doesn't make it true. No doubt opinion polls in many parts of the world would show big majorities against evolutionary theory. Does that make evolutionary theory wrong?

Of course this poll makes for another weapon to use against those of us who dispute the 'consensus'. It means that we will continue to be painted as a small, undemocratic and lunatic fringe in the pay of big oil.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madeleine McCann - Reality TV For Real

The McCann saga is now bigger than any reality TV program ever. Forget Big Brother and phony 'racism' controversies, forget all those 3rd rate celebs desperate for attention, the Madeleine McCann circus has by-passed them all. With minute by minute updates, rumours aplenty and the attention of the world, it's going where no reality TV program has been before. All it needs is for the Portuguese police to open the premium rate phone lines and the calls will come flooding in. Which candidate will get voted into the winning (losing?) slot? Mum, Dad, oddball Englishman abroad or mysterious kidnapper?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

BBC switches off climate special

How saddening it is for some people to see that the BBC is pulling back from some of the more overtly propagandising activities on behalf of the man-made global warming lobby. Forget the BBC's own report on its lack of impartiality - so far as some 'environmentalists' are concerned this is just about the BBC caving in to a tiny group of 'climate change sceptics' (or 'climate changed deniers' as some would have it).

However, the cancellation of one program amongst many is hardly likely to make much difference to the overall tone of the BBC's one-sided programming. More insidious is the news coverage, which manages to be both alarmist, partial and extremely selective. News stories which are pro the CO2 theory get massive news coverage, stories which are anti are ignored or downplayed.

BBC really ought to stand for Broadcasters Bashing CO2.