Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Greens hate 'chemicals' shock horror

The BBC leads its science pages today with a shock horror on neonicotinoids killing off bees. We should be very worried. After all, as Matt McGrath breathlessly reports:
The scientists say the threat to nature is the same as that once posed by the notorious chemical DDT
This must be the same DDT that saved millions of lives and which Rachel Carson demonised in 'Silent Spring'. The same DDT which became a cause celebre for greens all over the world until it was banned. This is the ban that is estimated to have caused 20 million deaths in children. What a great victory for green misanthropy that was.

That neonicotinoids are being compared to DDT says more about the greens than it does about any science. And in case you're wondering, the source of the BBC story is not some new piece of evidence, it's come from the green transnational corporation the  International Union for Conservation of Nature.