Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another government IT triumph...

Here's a template for the civil service to help in future big IT projects:

1. Establish a huge committee to discuss the project - drag this stage out for a number of years. If possible make sure that none of the people on the committee have any IT knowledge. Rotate personnel on the committee so that by the end of this stage nobody from the original committee is on it.

2. Pay massive amounts of money to big consultancy firms. Please ensure that only the most expensive and arrogant of consultants are used.

3. Dig a huge hole in the ground and bury lots more money.

4. Three years after the deadline release a prototype that looks like it was knocked up by a 13-year old hacker. Please ensure it's non-functional and has the performance and agility of John Prescott.

5. Five years after the deadline cancel the project.

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