Wednesday, September 06, 2006


While it's great to sit back and watch the government imploding, it's just a shame that it's taking so long. Those who regard Tony Blair as a visionary and decisive leader can add his original announcement that he'd not do a full 3rd term as prime minister to other such classics as the invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan as good decisions.

And, to his other achievements, we should add that he's worked wonders on rebranding the Tory party as a serious and viable alternative. Nobody imagined that the Tories could ever step out from the long shadow of Maggie Thatcher and her malign influence, but our Tony has done an excellent job.

Gordon Brown, of course, must also realise that the game is up. If I were him I'd be wondering whether David Cameron has been the real beneficiary of Tony's actions.

Anyway, let's hope that Tony's suffering gets worse, fast.

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