Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ed Militard - Climatologist

I must have missed the announcement that Ed Miliband had studied meteorology, climatology or any ology that involved physics, mathematics or joined up writing. Indeed, I was convinced until his recent statements about the flooding in the UK and climate change, that his area of expertise was wankology, a discipline that he seems to have mastered effortlessly. But now, only weeks after David Cameron showed us his expertise in the field, Militard has decisively intervened in the non-debate to tell us that 'climate change' is likely to make flooding worse. Except when it doesn't, and causes drought. Or blizzards. Or plagues of locusts.

FFS. When will these fuck-wits learn to just shut the fuck up and stick to taxing the hell out of us and intervening in our social lives, the latter being done for our own good of course.

Politicians, there is no situation they cannot make worse...

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