Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The May 7th Election Dilemma

When it comes to elections I've always been a keen supporter of the 'none of the above' candidate. I have, at different stages of my political evolution, voted with a spoilt ballot paper, Green, Labour. That was a long time ago, and even then it was more of 'vote Labour with no illusions' idea that was predeominant on the far Left. Later, when I started thinking rather than knee-jerking, I stopped voting for a long time simply because there was nobody that was even close.

More recently I voted for UKIP, but again it was more of a 'vote UKIP with no illusions' thing that is common with people pissed off with the other three. And so this time round I've got the same dilemma. But now, thanks to a stream of election leaflets from the Lib Dems I've made up my mind to sling my vote at one of the big three. You see, I would be inclined to go for the UKIP protest vote again - but I can't say this with any great joy. There's more that I like in UKIP then the others, but there's also a lot I don't like. But I live in the constituency of a Lib Dem cabinet minister - and thanks to his party's electioneering I now know that the polling shows it's a straigh race between the Tory and the Lib Dem.

And therefore I am now poised to do something I never imagined muself doing - come May 7th I will vote Conservative. Not through any great love for David Cameron or even the personal qualities of the Tory candidate. Nope, it's a simple vote to punish the Lib Dems, who are a poisonous presence. This is about a vote against their statism, there climate change mania, their pro-Europe stance, the anti-science idiocies of their energy policies and more. So, this time it's going to be 'vote Conservative with no illusions' for me.

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Nina Leg said...

Here are the long and short term impacts of leaving the EU

Short Term
Economic collapse, run on the pound the British economy hits the buffers as the banking and financial sectors are ripped to shreds.
The Right wing take over the UK and decide the look for scapegoat, many are targeted Jews, Gays, Gypsies, muslims and all immigrants. The collapse of house prices and the financial sector is blamed on the weak and vulnerable and Britain quickly becomes a fascist state.

Long Term
Europe breaks up, in geopolitical instability, and becomes a playground for the proxy wars, imposed dictators, civil wars and a land of human rights abuses, by leaders imposed on it by China, Russia, India and the USA.
I love the USA but it will not be able to stop danger happening to a divided Europe.