Friday, December 05, 2014

Scotland Lowers Drink-Drive Limit

According to the BBC this morning, Scotland is lowering the drink-drive level to below that of the rest of the UK. Well, this is the revenge of the SNP - pay-back time for not supporting Yes in the referendum. And they've reduced it not by a tiny bit but by a fairly big chunk (80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood).

Well, let's make some predictions then...

1. There will be a rise in the takings in pubs just south of the border.
2. In five years time there will be nobody in Scotland in possession of a valid driving licence except Muslim taxi drivers
3. This is will make practically no difference to death or accident rates on roads in Scotland
4. Activists in England will be demanding that we meet or exceed the lower Scottish limit
5. There will be a rise in the number of junk science 'public health' research papers that will seek to show that the Scots are healthier, wealthier and wiser because of the change

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