Thursday, November 20, 2014

Illiberal Britain

I admit that I know very little about Julien Blanc, and to be honest I don't want to know any more than that. He sounds like a creep, but so what? The world is full of creeps, liars, hypocrites and people I just don't like the look of. Take a peep at any of our leading politicians - you've got a plethora of liars, creeps and bullies to pick from just there. But what I don't expect is that my personal opinion should in any way impinge on their right to free association. I don't expect that my opinions should influence that person's right to travel. Or go about their legal business. But then I'm not part of the Twitterati mob who get to make these decisions.

And, thanks to our deeply illiberal politicians, particularly the Lib Dems and Labour, the mob gets to make the call. And the Home Secretary intervenes and hopes to scour a few of the triumphant Tweets along the way.

Really, this is the pits. Where's the outrage? Why aren't the newspapers demanding that Julien Blanc be allowed into the country? For f*cks sake, I thought we were a democracy that assumed the citizens were adults who could decide for themselves who to like or dislike. But no, we're assumed to be ignorant feral scum who have only listen to someone make stupid comments and then we'd be goaded into violence. We'd listen to Blanc and be turned into rapists.

This is what it comes down to in the end. That Twitterati mob really believes that we are children who cannot decide anything for ourselves. We have to be protected from nasty people or else we will act on whatever it is they are saying. At heart, they think we are a lynch mob ready to rampage at the mere utterance of a provocative word.

Welcome to Britain 2014.

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