Thursday, January 30, 2014

Roger Harrabin Is An Irrelevant Old Hag

In discussing January's record wet weather in the UK on the BBC, so-called 'Environment Analyst' Roger Harrabin actually says this:

But consider this: we have drained bogs which used to catch rain; allowed soil to run off fields and clog rivers; built homes on our flood plains and supermarkets in our countryside; we've almost certainly heated the climate and swelled the sea level.
I kid you not. It's beyond satire. All he needed to add was that we've angered the sky gods. Is there even a coherent thought in all of that? It's just a long list of sins we humans have inflicted on Gaia and now she's pissed on a raining on us (especially on Somerset, what have you lot been doing in the West Country?)... Oh, of course, what you've been doing in the West Country is allowing the Environment Agency to get away with not draining your rivers. How come that's not on Harrabin's list of sins?

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