Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Heartland Non-Story

OK. I've looked at the Heartland documents that were filched (as highlighted by the ever delightful Richard Black of the BCC) and put online. I've looked again. But I'm obviously missing something. So, please can someone point me to the documents that do the following:

  • talk about subverting the peer review process
  • gloat at the death of warmist scientists
  • talk about punching opposing scientists in the face
  • discuss how to hide the decline (oops, I mean how to hide the massive increasing in global temperatures)
  • discuss ways of getting pesky journal editors fired
  • discuss ways of getting opposing scientists fired from their academic positions
  • talk about ways of giving each other more awards and prizes
  • privately discuss their doubts about scepticism while publicly villifying anyone who expresses such doubts
  • work out how to hide problematic papers from the NIPCC report

I've looked, but all I can find are some rather mundane documents that talk about trifling sums of money compared to the millions rolling into the warmist camp.


Disko Troop said...

I am sure they must have worn trainers made by underpaid children, or not put their recycling in the correct bins. Perhaps they drove to work in the snow instead of cycling! It is only a matter of time before their nefarious deeds come out. I bet if Desmog go and search the bins behind Heartland they will find partially eaten food that could have been sent to save Africa. Apalling behaviour. I am outraged.

Contrarian said...

I hope you're not suggesting that they might even support *gasp* free market capitalism...