Wednesday, August 30, 2006


There I was doing an innocent bit of research on Sufism when I come across an article on the BBC website. The first thing that strikes me, is that every mention of Allah or Mohhamed is suffixed with pbuh (peace be upon him). Why?

Do the articles on Jesus, Buddha or anyone else have a similar suffix? Nope.

Does the suffix add anything informational to the article? Nope.

It's bad enough that the BBC is a bastion of political correctness. It's bad enough that the corporation acts as one big propaganda machine for religion. But now it special cases Islam for fear of giving offence - as usual bending over backwards to appease those who bleat on endlessly about 'Islamophobia'.

As far as the BBC goes it's not 'Islamophobic', it suffers (like a lot of the 'cultural' left), from a severe case of 'Islamophilia'.

It's crap.

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