Thursday, April 27, 2006

BNP - Left, Right or what?

Norman Tebbit's recent spate of letters to the Daily Telegraph taking to task those who describe the BNP as 'right wing' have caused a bit of a stir. He's firmly of the opinion that the BNP is a 'left-wing' party, and he cites their policies on globalisation, nationalisation and other 'left' sounding issues. Those who attack him for this clearly betray a lack of historical knowledge. Not only has classical fascism (including both Italian and German Nazi varieties), always had a 'socialist' wing, post-war neo-fascism has continued the tradition. Strasserite fascism has been influential in the far-Right for a long time, including the National Front and other organisations that BNP leader Nick Griffin been involved.

Anti-fascists claim that this 'left' rhetoric from the likes of the BNP is just a clever ruse to lure the workers to fascism. They're wrong, the 'left' policies are genuine enough, they are core components of fascism ideology.

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