Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kriss Donald - Victim of racist murder

The trial has begun of the three men accused of the racist murder of a schoolboy in Scotland. Unlike most such crimes, this is not one that is receiving much in the way of publicity, nor will you find much on Leftist web sites. Given the horrific and brutal crime, why is it being ignored?

The answer probably lies in the fact that Kriss Donald was white and the three men accused of his racist murder are Asian.

At the time of the murder I posted about it on the IndyMedia website. The reaction was typical - I was accused of being a racist, a supporter of the BNP, and of course that I'm white (I'm not, but is that really the point?).

Now, with the trial under way there's still the same silence. Where are the condemnations of racism? Where is the spleen vented at the animals who would torture and kill their innocent victim.

The fact remains that there are lots of people who claim to be on the Left in this country who refuse to attack racist violence if the victim is white. The hypocrisy is disgusting and does nothing but drive people into the arms of scum-bags like the BNP.

Compare the silence on this case to the mass publicity in those cases where the victim isn't white. Why the difference? I can't work out whether it's fear of being labelled racist or a simple refusal to believe that black people can be as racist as whites.

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