Thursday, September 11, 2014

UK Politicians North of Hadrian's Wall

In a last bid attempt to get the Scots to vote yes, Alex Salmond has managed to persuade David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown to journey north of Hadrian's Wall. Hell, they even got Farage in a job lot. In a fantastic move for the Nationalists, the sight of the UK's 'leading' politicians has probably done more to convince people to dump Westminster than anything that the SNP could dream of. Not even the endorsement of the North Korean's could compare to Ed Miliband trying to convince a sceptical Scots public that he was a politician worth listening to.

If the vote turns out to be a No, then it will have more to do with fear of change than any love for our political classes. And let's not underestimate the effect that various business leaders have had here. The likes of Standard Life and RBS probably carry more weight than our small-minded politicians singing the praises for the Union.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Douglas Carswell to UKIP

While it's a being seen as something of a coup for UKIP, the defection of Tory MP Douglas Carswell to the party might turn out not to be the unalloyed joy that supporters think it is. For one a set-back in the by-election will signal yet again that voters are not convinced that the party is fit for Westminster. More importantly Carswell represents a different beast to those that Nigel Farage prefers to surround himself with. If Carswell stays and does well, by winning his seat back for example, then he naturally becomes a counter-weight to the great leader himself...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thank you, Australia

Thank you for ridding yourselves of the Labour Party, it's Green allies and the environmentalist dogma that still has the political classes in the rest of the Western world in thrall. Thank you repealing your carbon tax and showing us poor and oppressed masses in Europe and the US what is still possible. Thank you for showing that another world is possible.

Now, if you could just drop Al Gore into one of your croc-infested rivers we'd be even happier. And make sure you get Obama and Cameron to wade in to the same waters to rescure Al...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Owen Paterson - Not Green Enough?

How Ed Davey and the rest of the Limp Dums, and environmentalists in general, must be pleased that the latest reshuffle sees Owen Paterson out as Environment Secretary. Having someone not sufficiently alarmist in the position was always too much for them to cope with. And he was known for being a Eurosceptic. A double whammy. No wonder he's out...

And of course the NUT and other teaching unions are probably deliriously joyful at Gove's departure from Education.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Nazi, Pedo, Conspiracy

With all the hysteria about historic child abuse - and persistent rumours of cover-ups and conspiracy - I'm starting to wonder whether the spotlight will eventually turn to one dark corner of 1970's Britain that most people seem to have forgotten existed: the far-Right. Now most people will associate neo-Nazism with the most extreme homophobia, but it's also a fact that the far-Right has been riddled with gay men in leading roles. And, it has to be said, some of these gay men had a penchant for teenage boys.

Off the top of my head, I can name Martin Webster (then a leading figure in the National Front), Ray Hill (at the time in the British Movement, later to be outed as working for the state), Peter Marriner and Nicky Crane. All were gay men in leading roles in the neo-Nazi movement, and all were associated with rumours of involvement with under-age boys. And, for example, there were persistent rumours that right-wing Tory MP Harvey Proctor had had links with the National Front, who procured boys for him. Another name from the neo-Nazi scene who is rumoured to be linked to the Elm House scandal is Colin Jordan, one-time World Fuhrer of the Nazi scene.

The combination of secrecy, danger and access to tough young men made the Nazi scene a magnet for some paedophiles - and they made sure they exploited it to the hilt. For those of us on the anti-fascist side of things, there was surprisingly very little made about this at the time. Perhaps it was an unwillingness to be seen to be engaging in activity that might be interpreted as 'homophobic' -- or at the very least to be siding with the Daily Mail and its ilk.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Greens hate 'chemicals' shock horror

The BBC leads its science pages today with a shock horror on neonicotinoids killing off bees. We should be very worried. After all, as Matt McGrath breathlessly reports:
The scientists say the threat to nature is the same as that once posed by the notorious chemical DDT
This must be the same DDT that saved millions of lives and which Rachel Carson demonised in 'Silent Spring'. The same DDT which became a cause celebre for greens all over the world until it was banned. This is the ban that is estimated to have caused 20 million deaths in children. What a great victory for green misanthropy that was.

That neonicotinoids are being compared to DDT says more about the greens than it does about any science. And in case you're wondering, the source of the BBC story is not some new piece of evidence, it's come from the green transnational corporation the  International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Criminalise Payment of the BBC Tax

I don't know what all the fuss has been about decriminalising non-payment of the BBC tax (aka the licence fee). As far as I'm concerned I'd go a big step further and criminalise payment of the tax. The BBC has long reached the stage where it should be privatised completely - I think it needs to be stripped of every penny of funding from taxation - whether that be a licence or through direct state funding.