Monday, October 09, 2006

Climate change denial

A very thought-provoking piece by Brendan O'Neill over at spiked-online on the rampant authoritarianism and denial of debate on climate change. Anyone disagreeing on the 'consensus' is deemed a 'climate change denier' - on par with Holocaust deniers - and therefore to be silenced.

The bottom line: is global warming the first scientific theory in history which cannot be disputed? Isn't it the duty of scientists to do science and not to clamp down on the free exchange of ideas?

Increasingly I feel that the global warming debate has taken on a religious hue. Global warming is the new dogma, and in place of a God that needs to be placated we have the environment. Where men had once to bow down before an invisible and omniscient deity, now they have sacrifice economic development to appease a merciless planet that we have angered.

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