Saturday, September 21, 2013

UKIP - Bloomed Again

At the time of Godfrey Bloom's 'bongo bongo land' outburst I wrote:

Let's be clear, if UKIP is a serious political party and not the vehicle of a handful of leaders safely esconced in Brussels, it needs to appeal to a wider range of the electorate. It needs to appeal across racial and class barriers, it needs to appeal to those who look for signs of intelligent policy as well as wanting to have a go at our ruling elites. And it won't do that with people like Godfrey Bloom slurring racist comments to the party faithful.
Now, we get a re-run and the effect on the wavering voter are pretty clear to see: 
What I do care about is that he’s sounding like the boring bloke in the pub who drones on in a loud voice and vents his bigotted bloody spleen all the time. And that Nigel Farage doesn’t seem to be much better. He sounds like another charmless twat who’s got no brains and no ideas apart from how to make good for himself.


Anonymous said...

Clearly your labour, liberal or Con- servative voter.

Bliar destroyed the country, Con-moron with Duncan Doughnut destroyed the welfare system and UKIP will find the solutions!

Thank God those bunch of useless Idiots time is over and we can have some real leadership!

Contrarian said...

Have you even read these posts? The starting point is that the three main parties are a waste of time.

UKIP might have the solutions in your opinion, but they haven't got the spelling if you're anything to go by...