Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Planet Do These People Live On?

According to our favourite warmist propaganda output, the BBC, a panel of 'experts' convened by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been working on a 'Green Food Project'. This group of "representatives in farming, manufacturing, science and conservation" have been looking at the issues related to climate change, population growth and other favoutrite alarmist narratives.

Predictably these experts are much exercised by the looming spectre of runaway warming. So the BBC highlights the prospects that we'll be growing chick-peas for roti-bread flour.

Back here in planet Earth I look out of the window and wonder why they haven't been looking at the prospect of increased rice production in the sodden paddy fields of England.

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Malcolm said...

Hmm. The illustration shows starving Irish grubbing in potato fields, with the caption "Throughout history, the impact of plant pests and diseases, such as potato blight, can devastate lives"
Good example, as we supposedly get a steadily hotter, dryer climate. Just like the 1840s:
A long wet summer promised another bad crop as a foul stench lay over the rotting potato fields, and storms at the beginning of August proved the beginning of the worst winter on record - biting cold winds, torrential rains, mist, flooding and snow.